USPS Price Increases

                                                “It’s inevitable” Towards the end of every calendar year, all shipping providers publish what their new retail rates are going to be going into the next year.  UPS and FedEx have been hovering around 4-5% increases annually. The United State Postal Service is a different creature. Yes, most times they have a price increase. […]

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Making Miracles

If you’re a frequent flyer at Box King, you should know we always make it our priority to help customers out in whatever way we can. This holds true even when it comes to a 24 hour deadline to print THREE HUNDRED programs. Here’s how the scenario played out… It’s Friday morning, 9:05am to be exact. I […]

Thankful for the 4th!

Lots of people probably have Christmas or Thanksgiving or their birthday as their favorite holiday.  That’s not me (at least not since I started getting underwear for Christmas instead of toys).  My favorite holiday is the 4th of July.  Independence Day.  Our nation’s birthday.  Admittedly, at first, my reasons were pretty shallow.  I loved the […]

DIY With Design

Hi There! I’m April – Box King’s Graphic Designer! Last month we asked what kind of things you wanted to read about in our upcoming blog… Some of you voted for our “Mother’s Day DIY Project”, well here it is… Better late than never… right?   Step 1 Gather your supplies you will need for […]

Box King receives industry recognition from AMBC and Penske

We are AMBC Gold Certified! A little recognition always feels good. We normally don’t brag, but these awards from AMBC and Penske are totally worth mentioning. Box King has received recognition by the Association of Mail and Business Centers (AMBC) as a Gold Certified Store. AMBC is a national non-profit organization that provides education, training, […]

Customer Security

Scam Alert So you receive a letter or an email claiming that you won a sweepstakes. It’s from a well known company (so you think) and the only thing between you and your winnings is money, go figure! They tell you to send them a certain amount to cover the taxes, fees, shipping costs, etc. […]

Packing & Shipping

Shipping 101

I’m here to share our expert’s basic tips for packing your items for shipping. Ever wonder how to guarantee your items arrive safely? Yeah, me too! Before I started working at Box King, I would have never thought there were so many things that went into shipping. The bubble wrap, the packing paper, the peanuts, […]

spring celebration

Spring celebrations for Box King!

It’s Spring and we are celebrating Cinco de Mayo! It began as a celebration of the victory by the Mexican army over the French at the Battle of Puebla.  I feel a little like celebrating myself.  After a long search, we have finally hired a new graphic designer.  Fittingly enough for Spring, her name is […]

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