Scam Alert

So you receive a letter or an email claiming that you won a sweepstakes. It’s from a well known company (so you think) and the only thing between you and your winnings is money, go figure! They tell you to send them a certain amount to cover the taxes, fees, shipping costs, etc. You get so caught up in the fact that you just won something that you forget to check if this is real. Next thing you know you’re at Box King trying to send a large sum of cash to someone. This is where our experts step in.


We Are Here To Help

Remember, we are here to help you, not to let you get scammed. When you ship with us we ask very specific security questions. What are the contents of the package, how soon it needs to get there, and more. We may even ask to inspect the package if we feel it’s necessary. This seems like a regular routine for us but some are offended by us asking questions, it’s their personal package why should they share that information with us?


Shipping Red Flags

With every package we look for red flags – who, what, when, where, why? We’re not detectives but we’re pretty good at figuring out if something sounds fishy. If you say your package has clothing and it needs to arrive the next day and you’re willing to pay $100+ for it to get there the next day *RED FLAG* That makes us ask, what is REALLY in this package? If it is indeed clothing, you shouldn’t have any concerns with letting us inspect your package. How else can we protect you from scams (or going to jail for that matter) if we don’t ask questions? It’s not illegal to send cash to someone, but here at Box King we take our customer’s security very seriously.