I’m here to share our expert’s basic tips for packing your items for shipping.

Ever wonder how to guarantee your items arrive safely? Yeah, me too! Before I started working at Box King, I would have never thought there were so many things that went into shipping. The bubble wrap, the packing paper, the peanuts, the tape, oh yeah and the box. Did you know after shipping a box just once it can lose up to 50% of it’s strength? This means, don’t use the old box in the closet. It most likely won’t make it there without being damaged. You don’t want to send grandma a broken coffee mug for her birthday… do you? Ensure your package gets safely to grandma.

The 4 Steps of Basic Packing For Shipping

  1. Get a NEW box (at Box King of course) Make sure your box will fit all of your items + have room for 2″ of packing peanuts around all of the items. Figure if your coffee mug is approximately 6″x6″x6″ then you need a 10″x10″x10″ box. Whatever the size of your item is, add 4″ to every dimension and POOF you have your perfect box size!
  2. Bubble wrap all of your items that aren’t soft or could be easily damaged. If it has hard edges, or could by any chance get smashed and break, you better bubble it, hands down.
  3. Drop in your peanuts! Layer the bottom of your box with 2″ of peanuts, then set your items in the center of the box. Finish it off with peanuts around the sides of the items and on top! Don’t forget the 2″ rule. Got it?
  4. Time to tape it up. Duct tape? I think not. Just some good ole packing tape please. All you need is a strip of tape across each open seam, like an ‘H’. That’s it!

When shipping remember this 4 step process and grandma will get her birthday present in one piece!

If you’re just not sure how to pack it , let the Box King experts pack it for you!

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